Friday, July 12, 2019

On the side

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Hello boys and girls,

It's obvious that I am not technologically advanced, just check the previous post to see my sewing room...from an artistic point of view. Just use your owl (or giraffe) neck and you can check it out!

Buuuuuuuuuut....on a side note (See what I did there?) I am here to post some exciting news that I have been keeping secret, but now I can share! On July 23rd I will be featured on Sharon Holland's blog tour! WHAT?

It was kinda "fell on my lap opportunity" that caught me by surprise, making me insecure/super proud/scared and excited, all at once.

So here I am, for the official presentation.

My name is Marisa Wilhelmi, I was born in Brazil and growing up with very little money to spare, my grandma and mom taught me to be creative with whatever was available and make the most of it.  Because of that I learned so many valuable skills that I use daily, being sewing is one of them. I couldn't be more grateful!!!

For many years I looked at quilts as being some kind of magical force of the universe that only manifested in fabrics, really...I would stare and don't understand how even to begin creating something like that. Good news, I came half way!!!! Some things I can visualize the process and get ideas on how it's made, but others, I just appreciate the work and know that I will need another life to accomplish.

From July 15th to July 30th chosen artists will showcase fabrics from the Art Gallery Everlasting Fabric Collection. Here is the info.

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Monday, July15 - MarijaVujcic 

Tuesday, July 16 - Carolina Moore

Wednesday, July 17 -  Dana Willard

Thusday, July 18 - Lisa Ruble

Friday, July 19 - Dritz sewing

Monday, July 22 - Eleri Kerian

Tuesday, July 23- Yours truly... ME!

Wednesday, July 24 - Sharon McConnell

Thursday, July 25 - Morgan M.

Friday, July 26 - Alexis Wright

Monday, July 29 -  Priscilla Geissler

Tuesday, July 30 - Maureen Cracknell

Wednesday, July 31 -Elina Temmes

I can't wait to see what the other artists make!!! Just take a peak long time and drool over the  Look book !

I will come back later with some sneak peaks, but, you can also check out My IG .

See you soon,


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  1. Marisa what a stunning quilt with lots of significance!! So proud of your bravery and beauty!! ������