Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Everlasting blog tour!

 As I write, I am shaking...

What an honor to be part of this amazing blog tour!!! Who Am I and Why I am here??

My name is Marisa Wilhelmi, I am 40 years old, married to a gentleman, mother of two crazy kids, living the "drama" of the suburban life. I am also member of the Houston Modern Quilt Guild and HMQG Industry Liaison apprentice.

I am relatively new to this incredibly supportive quilting world and this opportunity is just amazing. Thank you Sharon for trusting in my "talents"! You will always be my "quilty" fairy godmother.

So...Enough with the me, me, me

Once upon a time a lucky friend that tagged me on a giveaway post on Instagram and....


When the bundle arrived, I promised Sharon I was going to honor those beauties the best way I could, and I immediately started to draft my (very first) pattern. When I sent a little sneak peak of my work in progress, she invited me for this tour and so I am here today.
This is the picture I sent to Sharon Holland. (My gold ticket to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory!)

 I am telling you, every single pattern is pretty and there are many ways that you can combine them to create something GORGEOUS! Just see for yourself Eleri Kerian's blog post from yesterday and WOW yourself.

Like I said, I did my own pattern, and since math is not too much a friend of mine, I stayed in HST and straight lines land. I sewed all my projects with Aurifil thread and I couldn't be happier with the results.

It turned out very simple, but I had a lot of fun!

All these prints are just so perfect for each other... And my gremlins kids want to snuggle with it all the time.
I am telling you...

In the very beginning of my quilting journey, I didn't really care for what the back looked like. OH HALT! What? Yep...Can you believe it? Thanks to the HMQG meetings, I realized that the back is a very important part of the quilt. (Just like heels and little toes are part of the feet, but some people insist in excluding them from sandals! Its summer people, I see YOUR feet) 

 I also learned that labels are, not only cool, but it protects your art. So....Again, it was a first for me. What a perfect way to start a tradition.

 Then of course, I needed to make something else and I decided that my dining room table needed some love and I made a reversible table walker ( not runner? no...It kinda stops 3/4 of the way)

Why yes I bought Gladiolas to include in the pictures. Don't you?

I used the book Walk by Jacquie Gering and also watched a lot of Cristina Camelli's videos on BluPrint to make this state of the art quilting. ( Is it bad that I chuckle from my own jokes?)

see the little red in the binding?

And finally boys and girls...this cutie...

I should have chosen a better background. This is a pillow, not my pet or Santa's beard

The precious needle book pattern is from Amy's blog, but since I have a lot of things AKA my thimbles from Colonial Needle  that I want to keep along my needles, I made a little pocket where I keep them. I will share more details on my IG. (You know....To keep you on your toes)

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd...That's it!

Tomorrow is Sharon McConnell's turn to show us her delightful creations.

You can always go back to Sharon Holland  to see ALL the beauties! Also don't forget to enter the fabulous giveaway sponsored by dritz sewing, Bloc_loc rulers and Fat Quarter Shop.

Bye Y'all



  1. You knocked it out of the park!! These are beautiful!

  2. Marisa,
    Your quilt and the table runner/walker are amazing. Love your blog post too. It is truly you shining through!

  3. Wow!! Your projects are ALL Awesome!! But LOOOOOVE the Quilt best!! (& I love that your Kiddo's do too!)